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Welcome to The Natural Healing Institute!

Every season has an effect on everyone and everything on the planet. The changes on earth become the transformation within you. Your body is the vehicle that houses every organ, cell, muscle. tissue and fiber of your being. Body maintenance is mandatory for efficiency of everyday life and routines.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, The Natural Healing Institute offers products and services to help eliminate unwanted weight (waste),  regain youthfulness, boost energy and restore your body to a healthier state.

If you're like most people, you've consumed a meat-based diet, often eating processed, pre-packaged products, fast food and microwaved meals.

The body suffers when it does not receive proper nutrition from fresh, raw organic fruits, vegetables and juices. Your body also requires plenty of clean, pure water to assist in natural detoxification and the restoration process.

Because of poor habits, you may be nutritionally starved, dehydrated, overweight, tired and sluggish. Over a period of time your body becomes toxic, causing a lack of energy and vitality. You may notice that you drag your feet at work, and often don't have the focus or energy to perform daily chores or participate in recreational activities.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

Bloated abdomen, hair loss, chronic fatigue, headaches, pain, low libido, mood swings, or difficulty remembering details? Do you feel like you're aging more rapidly than your parents?

At the Natural Healing Institute, we believe in fostering a process that helps the body do what it does best, Heal Itself!

Part one of the process is what we call "colon hygiene". Taking our three-in-one herbal formula assists the body in:

(1) Detoxification (2) Elimination

(3)Parasite reduction and elimination.

 Our product known as the "D.E.P.  FORMULA", works well on its own; however, the effectiveness is amplified when used in conjuction with colon hydrotherapy which is designed to hydrate, rinse and allow the waste to evacuate.

One treatment may be equivalent to twenty to thirty bowel movements in one visit.

A safe, painless technique, of warm and cool water introduced into the colon (large intestine) helps release anywhere from (1) to (8) pounds of waste within a 30-45 minute session.

(typical results vary depending on age lifestyle etc.)

Parasites (internal invaders) have been known to lead to obesity, discomfort, bloating, gas, insomnia, memory loss, sinus, itching, hyperactivity, ADD, mental fogginess, sugar and other food cravings, irritability, drooling at night, snoring, yeast overgrowth, bed wetting, sleep deprivation, allergies and a host of other ailments.

We also support the detoxification process with holistic health consultations, guided fasts, nutritional counseling, and herbal formulas that help your body repair and rebuild itself.

Our other specialties include, ionic foot baths, massage therapy, lifestyle coaching and many other services that include how to rid your kitchen of the foods that lead to obesity and poor health.

 Learn how to transform your current eating habits and replace the standard diet with delicious healthy, foods, desserts and beverages. We offer cooking classes and events where you can taste and learn to prepare nutritional meals that support holistic health.

Our products, herbal formulas, nutritional classes, teleconferences, self-help CD's, Seminars and Life-Shops, and other educational materials are designed to assist you in maintaining optimum health and well-being.

The information shared on The Natural Healing Institute website is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, prevent or cure disease, and only intended to supplement the care provided by your physician.  It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. 
Before starting any dietary changes, always consult with a health care professional.  You have the right to choose which modality suits you.  If you should decide to use any of the information that is shared by The Natural Healing Institute, its officers,employees, representatives, or assignees, it is your constitutional right to do so, but we accept no responsibility. We urge you to consult with your doctor on any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or before making any significant changes in your lifestyle, dietary or exercise habits.

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