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What Can Colon Therapy Do For You?


Are you or a loved one overweight? 

How long will you tell yourself that you are simply big-boned? A widely  accepted phrase often repeated, but have you ever seen a fat skeleton? Does your stomach protrude no matter what type of exercise or diet plan you use? The truth of the matter is that diets often do not work and most people have accepted the wrong terminology for a common condition.

Studies have shown that many Americans adults as well as children carry an average of 10-70 pounds or more of undigested meat, poisons toxins, chemicals, mucus, parasites and impacted fecal matter. These parasite invaders eliminate their waste making your internal environment even more toxic.

 People have become sicker and obesity has reached crisis level. If you are overweight you might consider that along with millions of others are actually "over-waste".

You can experience new found freedom from constipation, fatigue, and bouts of diarrhea, headaches, tension, backache, irritability, obesity and depression.  You can reduce or eliminate the side effects of gas, bad breath, body odors, chronic fatigue, skin irritations, restlessness, obesity, common ailments and loss of memory caused by constipation and toxic waste in the intestines.

Poor elimination lowers your immune system and leads to premature aging.  All of these factors place unnecessary strain on the body and organs.

A body that is not at ease is a body that is in a state of dis-ease which endangers the quality of life.


Our clients have found that when taking the D.E.P Formula, the process of detoxification starts immediately. In a matter of hours you will notice that when you release the burden of  excess waste, it assists your body’s ability to maintain vitality and an increase in energy.  You can begin to feel better now without the use of laxatives, medication, drugs or surgery.

 The D.E.P Formula promotes elimination naturally without cramping, gripping, bloating or feelings of unexpected urgency.

 Our clients love it!

At The Natural Healing Institute, you can learn to eliminate excess weight painlessly and naturally.  We teach you how to maintain your desired weight without diets, drugs, expensive memberships or commercial pre-packaged frozen meals. 

You can learn how to be healthy and fit by eating foods you will love.

  We will show you how you can eliminate one or more pounds a day safely and easily while reducing cravings and hunger.

We highly recommend that you watch this latest movie "WHAT THE HEALTH" that encompasses the questions and answers when making lifestyle changes! Now available on Netflix and YouTube!


Our purpose at The Natural Healing Institute, is to educate and familiarize you with the methods of the  art of colon cleansing and irrigation.   This particular procedure is known as high enemas or colonic therapy.  We hope that through education and visual guidance much of the fear and hesitation of body maintenance can be converted to enthusiasm and excitement. 

Our "referral/member only" policy to receive  services guarantees that your visit is tailored to fit your particular needs,  making your session a one of a kind experience.

Contact The Natural Healing Institute to make an appointment with our certified, professional therapists.  We use modern disposable equipment for the most sterile conditions.  This ancient and delicate art of colon therapy can break though years of impacted waste from your intestinal wall, restoring you to vibrant health and beauty.

Please click here to learn more about colon therapy.

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