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SYN-OFF Formula "Breath of Life"

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SYN-OFF Formula "Breath of Life"
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  About Syn-Off 

Syn-Off tablets

The Syn-Off formula is designed to reduce the production of mucus within the body.


Our herbs are 100% organic and contain no artificial

 Colorings, preservatives, dairy, animal products, yeast, sugar, pesticides, radiation or chemicals.


We use only the finest and freshest herbs available for high quality and potency.



Designed to assist the body in relieving symptoms of:

Relieve your symptoms with Syn-Off




*Excess Mucus


Syn-Off tea

 For fast relief make Syn-Off into a tea! 

Add hot water, lemon, and maple syrup



 About Dr. Ra
Dr. Ra is Co-Director of The Natural Healing Institute, along with his wife Dr. Khephera Jesal, and heads research and development.  He is a master herbalist and designer of a full line of premium herbal products.  The products include:

SYN-OFF, D.E.P FORMULA 1 and 2, B.L.K, H2NO, INNER-CHI, PRA-STRAIGHT, FLEX-ABILITY, and FIBER-VOID.  Our SYN-OFF Formula assists the body in expelling excess mucus and provides relief of congestion.  The famous D.E.P Formula is specifically designed  for Detoxification, increased Elimination, and Parasite reduction.  The D.E.P Formula is the foundation or ‘waste-management’ system  as well as the supporter of all the other herbal formulas.  The B.L.K Formula helps cleanse the Blood, Liver and Kidneys.  The H2NO Formula has been reported to relieve excessive fluid retention.  INNER-CHI is intended as a natural energy boost without the adverse side effects of artificial stimulants.  PRA-STRAIGHT for male balance, support and cleansing, FLEX-ABILITY for relief of painful joints and symptoms of stiffness and immobility.  FIBER-VOID was developed by Dr. Khephera for feminine balance, tumors, cysts, painful or difficult menstrual cycles, pre and post menopausal symptoms.

Dr. Ra is credited with assisting thousands of clients in successfully achieving health and weight loss goals.  He instructs in old fashion care which includes; house and office calls, product delivery,  portable colon hydrotherapy and the ‘Ionic Foot Detox’ cleansing system.  He is available for classes, lectures and seminars addressing healthy wholistic lifestyles.

Your Health is your Wealth!




This pamphlet is to be used for informational purposes only.  It is not intend to prescribe, diagnose, prevent or cure disease.

If you should decide to use any of the information that is shared in this pamphlet or testimonials, it is your right to do so, but we accept no responsibility.  All medical conditions should be addressed by a medical doctor.

Before starting any dietary changes, always consult with a health care professional. 


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