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I listen to your teleconferences over and over again, thanks for your time and nourishing information...Mary from Illinois
Your seeds of information will change and shape the world because of your love...Double portions of blessings to you and your family...Yolanda Wilson
Everything is great, thanks for helping us live a better and healthy life, it is truly appreciated...Angel F.
Thank you for being as health conscious as you are. You are a perfect gift to the human race. I celebrate you! Diane Johnson
Feeling great. Back pain is gone. Lots of energy after the colonic. Thanks
Thanks for the wisdom and info! We are fine and poopin' lol. All is well I'm excited about cleansing and progressing.
I am feeling better after our session, ready to relax. Thank you for everthing. You just don't know you may have saved my life. This morning I wanted to give up! You truly are a blessing!
Ms. T
I've been watching food inc and food matters, since then I have been eating healthier and incorporating lots more fruit and veggies.  See you when I fly in  for my monthly cleansing session with you.
C. Pryor - San Antonio Texas
Sending love to you two healers. The D.E.P. arrived thank you for herbal blessing. Saw my therapist here for a colonic and dumped waste and inches, more in the afternoon and before bed... whew what a relief!
Mary, Illinois
I really appreciate u and Dr. Ra! What you do is amazing and you have done so much for me in assisting my growth an finding what I desire out of life. After talking to you, it feels like a big WEIGHT is lifted off my shoulders. Thanks for all you do over and above the services.
Love U Deirdre
Hey Dr. K Just wanted to share that I'm so proud and inspired by you and that you no longer hide your light - Let it Shine!
You cause people to shift to health and well have the golden ticket to that world.... thank you so much!
Thanks for everything you do.... Priceless
Thanks for sharing your healing words. I needed that andI will be passng this energy on to others.
My son loved your lecture at Better Health.  He can't stop doing the Kinesiology test.  He said you were pretty and he enjoyed you! Thanks
It was my pleasure to be a part of your shopping trip and lecture at Better Health Store in Novi. It was very informative, more people should be benefiting from your weath of knowledge...soon I'm sure.
I needed that call - right on time!
Hey Dr. K and Dr. Ra I sent this testimony to my friend Helena:
My lil' dog Paco had 3 seizures in one day a week or so ago. They were happening one right after each other.   Then he walked around really slow with his head down and hardly left my side. He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye.  Then he tried to bite me a few times. I thought he was in pain or had lost his mind. I even thought maybe he was dying! My friend Eric saw him and said  to take him to the Humane Society he said "he is sick...he looks bad".  I called my vet, she said take him to the pet emergency hospital. I figured I'd try to help him myself...avoid a big expense.  I thought he may have I gave him some D.E.P.  It's a detoxifier formula  that I use  by the Natural Healing Institute  that kills parasites. I stopped using the prescribed wormer for dogs because he used to throw up all over my house. Anyway, Khephera suggested  I put D.E.P.   in his food for 3 days...he came back to life...running around and playing with the boxer. I'm sure now it was worms..he kept scrubbing his little butt on my carpet the first 2 days. He's still doing fine now!
Marla Renee
I just want to send you a little testimonial surrounding my colonic tonight . I immediately noticed the normal results; my jeans felt looser, my stomach a little flatter and when I stepped on the scale before leaving your place I was at least 3 to 4 pounds lighter.
But as I was driving home I noticed this overall sense of peace that I have not felt in quite some time. My mind was clearer; so much so that I began to have revelations. Thoughts coming to me as to how I have not been true to myself.  I began to reflect on messages that I started receiving a few years ago that to date I have not honored.
And then I began to notice how my outer body was feeling; so relaxed, as if I had just had a full body massage.
My eyesight has been a little fuzzy lately especially at night, but I noticed on the drive home, that I was seeing more clearly; I'm more focused.  When I arrived home, as I was unlocking my front door, I noticed a screw that I had obviously put in the door to hang a wreath from sometime ago, when I don't know, but it stuck out like a sore thumb tonight. I thought to myself where did that come from? When did I put that there?
It is amazing what toxins/parasites can do to our bodies, minds and souls.  I believe, based on my overall demeanor lately, that if allowed to build up overtime parasites can actually begin to manipulate a person; how we think and respond to things. In other words, I truly believe at this point that they actually have a brain capable of changing our personalities. I had  been so irritable, easily annoyed and just plain stressed out these past months; I just have not been myself. I was conscious of this, I just didn't know what was causing it or what to do about it.   
I hope what I'm saying is not sounding crazy, but I never remember feeling this overall sense of well being after a colonic before. For the first time in months I feel more like me; I'm thinking more like me. That fuzzy or fogginess I've been having in my brain is not there right now. I realize, based on how long I've allowed this to go on, that one treatment has not cured what ails me.
It's just that I've been feeling so badly these past few months that I just needed to give this testimony and to let you know just how grateful to GOD I am for both you and Dr. Ra.   You have dedicated your lives to helping others; what a blessing. Thank you so much for always being there for me no matter how long it's been between visits.
Being in close proximity with mostly toxic people on a regular basis, as I have been lately, sometimes a person can begin to lose their sense of self, I believe.  Thank you for helping me regain my senses today.
Much Love, Light and Peace
Greetings Dr. Khephera, as good as I felt after the ionic detox foot bath, (what Dr. Amen-Ra called "Happy Feet") I must let you know that 2 days later...I feel even better.  The bottoms of my feet are still radiating, and I know with the second treatment, I will release even more!  Asante Sana for providing such a dynamic natural healing modality for the community. I look forward to working with you! 
Peace, Mama Afi - Detroit, MI
Good Morning Dr. Ra,
Just a little note to say how amazing your SYN-OFF is.  I've had it for only a week and noticed how my eyes are feeling so much better.  Before they ached and stayed cloudy and now the cloudyness is nearly gone.  The pain also.   Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.

Laura D.
Hi Dr,
I just listened to your recorded topic tonight.  it was very good.  I felt as though I was the topic.   Why?  Well when I was a little girl I had lots of nose bleeds. I mean they'd last for a good 15 minutes or so.  Like a water fountain.  I kept headaches all the time.  Took pain killers like candy.  Which I believe what is going on with me now. 

My stress began the moment I started school.  All that teasing throughout the years I believe to this day I had High blood pressure that young also.  We ate our share of meat having raised pigs, cows and chickens so that was never ending.

I just wanted to share this with you.  I've told myself for years that my health problems began at an early age. 

Well don't want to talk your ears off.  Just wanted to thank you for such good information. 

Bless you
Dr. K,
I look forward to Saturday!!!! I am seeing and feeling change!!!
People say Sandra your makeup looks great.They are wrong, it's my skin!
They say, your hair looks longer, They are wrong. My face is slimmer
They say your outfit looks good.
(They are right...but also it's because my clothes fit better.)
You are remarkable!!!
S. Davis
Natural Healing Institute Manager,
Please email me a list of the upcoming telephone conference calls. 
I really enjoyed the letures. Dr. Khephera you break it down so easy like i never heard it before 
God Bless 
Valarie Fields 
Dear Dr. Ra & Dr. Khephera 
I wanted to let you know how happy I am and proud of myself for being able to take the new children size D.E.P. Formula with no problem swallowing.  I want to let other children know that if they have problems taking capsules, it's just a matter of changing their minds.  If they think they can do it they will be successful.  I am looking forward to being more healthy taking my herbs and eating vegetarian style. I see myself losing excess weight and wearing my new clothes.  
 Lauryn Kennedy Bryant  - 9 years old
Dear Dr. Khephera & Dr. Ra,
I will be  performing in Detroit soon  and will call you for my regular treatments.  I am excited to know that I am in alignment with Rosa Parks way of life as a vegetarian.  I believe that this lifestyle creates the energy and stamina that I need to portray our beloved "Rosa" while traveling nationally and internationally with my one woman act.  I thank God for the fantastic reviews on "A ROSE AMONG THORNS".  I look forward to my week of cleansing and pampering with you both. 
 Love ~ Ella Joyce
Dr. Khephera,
 I had been experiencing dizziness, lack of concentration and focus, tiredness and very moody. I would also feel unsatisfied after eating meals. This went on for a period of about two to three months, and had sought the advice of a medical professional (to rule out diabetes,and any other major disease). All of my test results came back negative for any diseases, but yet my ailments still existed.
 I was given some information about the foot-detox bath and the benefits of receiving one. since I already detox my body with colonics, I figured this could only be a plus for me. So I had a foot detox and I must say I didn't notice any change in my symptoms at first, but after I went to bed that evening, and woke up the next day, I felt fantastic. I noticed that when I ate breakfast I didn't feel woosy or dizzy. I didn't feel like I was still hungry.
 I called and set up an appointment to have both a colonic and a foot detox-bath on the same day... I felt so light and very much rejuvenated! I am so glad to have had experienced the foot-detox bath service that you provided. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.
Thank you much
Hi doctors;
As you remember, Dr. Ra came to my home on the 15th of September, and gave me my first foot detox.  Well a week and a half later 9/26/07, my doctor came by to give me a checkup.  My blood pressure went down to 130/70, even though  I hadn't taken my bp meds all month.  I was on 8mg of amaryl for my diabetes.  Now my levels are too low and the doctor cut my dose in half.  I owe it to having the foot detox, taking my D.E.P. and eating a more plant based diet. 

I feel so blessed to have you both in my life. 

Thank you so much.

Denise (On the road to recovery) 9/25/07
Dr. Khephera
Last December I called you from what felt like my death bed.  I had been battling with strep throat for about a week.  This was my fourth bout with strep.  The other times I had to take antibiotics to get rid of it.  This time I was referred to you, and you suggested the D.E.P formula as well as your Syn-Off product.  Dr. Ra delivered everything straight to my home with a wealth of information as well as the water you said I should be drinking to flush my system.  I felt better the first day and within one week I was completely healed.  Thanks for what you do!
Dear Dr. Ra and Dr. Khephera
Ever since I met you in 1995 my life has changed.  When my mother died of colon cancer in 1994 her doctor informed me and my sisters that we need to focus on having our colon checked out.  The doctor said it was hereditary.  When I met Dr. Ra he said it is only hereditary if you keep eating the same foods.  When Dr. Khephera and Dr. Ra told me the real deal my life began to change.  Every since I started doing the colonics, taking the DEP 2 and changing my eating habits my doctor has taken me off one of the blood pressure pills and also my cholesterol medication (drain-o).  One thing I loved about these children of God I can call them any time of the night and they respond as if their on call at a hospital.  My children were sick three or four times over the years. The doctor treated us like a assembly line but these two angels treated us like family. 
I have a 6 and 8 year old son's and they have gone through alot since birth.  They were born with asthma BUT because of these angels of God they are now medicated free.  From viewing some of Dr. Ra's tapes my children have not eaten any fast food in 5 years.  I was sleep to a number of poisons in my food but now my eyes are wide open.  When it comes to my families health it means more to me than anything else under the heavens. We love you and appreciate you two so much!
God Bless
Rev. Robert and Jackie Gambrell and sons
Dr. Khephera,

I pray that this day finds you and your staff blessed and well. 

I wanted to send this brief note to you to let you know that ever since the
first time I spoke with you and listened in on one of your phenomenal conference calls several months ago, my life has changed for the better.  I am completely and totally vegetarian now and I have never felt better.  I stopped craving coffee, which was my biggest demon, in addition to all of the refined sugars and bleached products that I used to consume up until October of 2006.  I want to thank you for the impact that you have made on my health and lifestyle, just from one conversation and one conference call.  I look forward to seeing you at one of your speaking engagements. Continue to empower, assist in healing, and enlighten us all.

Have a phenomenal day.


Hi Dr. K,
I did not get your email until Sunday after I got home from the taste fest. However I am so glad you did allow us to take home two dinners. They were fantastic and my hisband and I appreciate your hospitality.  Thanks again!
Pam Ford

Good Morning,

Dr. Kephera I just wanted to tell you that I tuned in to this conference call and it has changed my life!  I had previously done a little research on parasites, and several years ago had a few colonics at another center, but never was I educated the way I was just in that phone call alone!  I have several of the symptoms you talk about and I'm about 55 pounds heavier than I need to be.  I would like to work with you to get my health and weight under control.  In the meantime, I want to take the DEP formula. 

I have told several people about you and your ministry and at least two of them are planning to schedule appointments with you.




My Sister, My Sister, My Blessed Sister Whom I love dearly.
You are so right.   I have stopped drinking milk a long time ago, but recently I brought some pudding mix and I bought some 2% milk to make the pudding, I did it twice and I wondered why I was so tired and would need to lay down or sit down and could not hardly walk.  Because I had stopped drinking milk for years, and then to go and buy it and try to redrink it my system was like hell to the no.  
Keep up the great work.
Southfield, MI
Dear Friends & Family,
My client and wholistic mentor, Dr. Khephera Jesal is conducting a lifeshop on this Saturday from 11:30am till 2pm. Simply stated, she is the bomb! My life and many of my close friends lives have drastically changed from the knowledge she's shared about the links between digestion and weight, nutritional practices and overall healthy living. If you are ready to make a change...join me Saturday.  ...share with a friend!
Hello, Dr. Kephera;
I have been thinking of calling you, but it is always too late in the evening or too early in the day.
Please forgive the means of this communication (email), but I simply wanted you to know that my aunt  died from cancer on November 15th. Thank you for caring about her and the lasting hug you gave to her. 
When people think of hope through wellness, they think of you and Dr. Ra.
Thanks for taking great care of my brother in Christ, Bobby L.  He is looking forward to his colonic with you or Dr. Ra.  I told him he is in great hands.  I simply wanted to thank you.
Sharing what excites me and is close to my heart is just another way to extend my gratitude.
Waterford, MI

A side-effect of my medications caused severe constipation.  I was referred to Dr. Khephera for colon cleansing and personal health coaching.  I actually lost five pounds of waste during my first colonic treatment and an additional four pounds later that week by taking the D.E.P. Formula.  At this rate, I can finally realize my weight loss goal faster than I thought.
T. Walker,
Southfield, MI

Since I started your program, with my doctor's blessing I am no longer taking medication for my high blood pressure or diabetes and I got a clean bill of health.

Thank you - Reverend Nadeer

I was worried that if I started cleansing, I would have to give up my favorite snacks and foods.  Not only have I noticed my appetite has decreased.  I no longer crave sugar and the new foods I am eating taste GREAT!  I dropped 2 dress sizes in a month and I feel better than I can ever remember!
---S. Thomas, Detroit, MI


You are anointed to do what you do!

Diane Palmer
Hey Khephera!
Girl, my figure is coming back.  I look good in my clothes again.  I FEEL good which is even more important.  

Khephera, I tell everyone and anyone who is interested and wants to listen about what you have done for me.

I told a few other women out here on the TV pilot set I worked on.  Who knows they just might follow up and take a plane to Detroit, so don't be surprised if you get calls from people saying Ella said to call you about my health (smile).

I noticed after my 2nd colonic, I just did not want any junk food at all.
I just feel great.  I am exercising, drawing flowers, going on auditions (I have a 4 PM audition today for a Halle Berry movie of the week), and am actually booking jobs.

I'VE LET GO OF OLD SH*T......literally (smile).

Give my best to Dr. Ra.  Talk to you soon.

Life, love and happiness to you always.
Ella Joyce, t.v. and film star formerly of Roc sitcom

Over 12 years of receiving guidance at the Natural Healing Institute makes it appropriate for me to testify. I was never a person who would go on diets. I was over weight, I jogged daily went to spas/gym, never lost an ounce and the doctors could not give me an answer as to why. At that point I knew it was not weight I was carrying and was referred by a good friend to try colonic therapy.
 My services at the Natural Healing Institute is a comfortable, personal and spiritual atmosphere.  Without the proper consultation, documentation, and information (which I strongly recommend) on natural healing, and colon therapy I would still be dejectedly over waste, and extremely drained daily. After so many years of receiving natural therapy, if I do not continue to take the D.E.P. capsules and not continue to seasonally receive colon therapy as before toxins and poison will attacked my system, my thoughts will become distorted, demoralization will seize, and waste will start to make deposits.
Continuing natural healing to this date I am observant about what I eat, (no dieting) I attained and maintain four sizes smaller, and I am now more adjusted to my body. After each consultation and therapeutic visit I always leave at least 15 pounds feathery and am spiritually motivated.
In sync,
Hi Dr. Khephera,
I took the Syn-0ff and it did work in a matter of minutes.  I was able to rest easy at night.  I made a tea from it for my nephew as well and my mother, they both were able to breathe better at night .  My nephew has what the doctors call nocturnal asthma and he usually hacks, coughs, wheezes and hisses at night and suffers through a restless sleep.  But when I gave him the Syn-off and checked on him a few times throughout the night, he was breathing normal and did not wake at all until the next morning. 
Demetria - Detroit Michigan 12/16/06
Dear Dr. Khephera, 
I've forwarded your information on to a friend of mine and it is my intention to share this life changing information with more people in addition to more closely adhering to the Wisdom as expressed through You in order that I may heal myself through OBEDIENCE!!! 
Peace and Joy, 
Negayle :-) 
Hello today.  Just to let you know I seen your Mom yesterday evening
and it was such a enlighten experience.  I received so much information that I just can't get enough of it.  I started the DEP capsules and eating
habits yesterday evening.  I also changed my family as well.  Every one
enjoyed our Veggie dinner last night and we will go shopping this evening to purchase more products.

I could not believe that my children where eating something that was
good for them and I did not have one complaint.  She gave me so many ideas and information on where to find what I need.  It has only been 1 evening taking the DEP and not eating any animal and I already feel good.  I was amazed at how much healthy/organic food is on the market.  It seems like a very drastic change but it's all for your good health, and it this will improve me all around well I guess I'm going to be in for a ride.  In the long run, I think I will be Thankful that me and my family decided to
make a decision like this.

I want to say Thank you for your words of encouragement.  I just don't
have the words to tell you that I'm really happy for you and your mom being placed in my life, this truly means so much to me.  God Bless and enjoy the rest of the day.

Monica Reaves
Update on my Progress!
ugh...I must get at least two more colonics this week...i feel the parasites jumping all around...GROSS!! You stirred up their nests and if feels like a war going on inside me...a necessary evil I know. I will once again win the war!!
Hi Dr. Khephera,

I hope this day finds you well.

I wanted to let you know that I started taking the DEP formula and within
the first week, my body immediately responded to it.  I have been taking it
faithfully for the past two weeks now and my regularity has increased.  I
feel like it is contributing to my cleansing process and I have also changed my diet completely.  I do not consume refined sugars or white bread, just to name a couple of changes.  I have a complete vegetarian lifestyle now and I am beginning to feel different, but in a good way.  It has been almost five months, and I will not say that it was easy, but my vegetarian lifestyle along with the DEP formula is beginning to work well for me. 
I take the DEP at night when I am in a relaxed state and when I am not running around, burning energy.  It seems to work out fine for me.  Everytime I take them and get comfortable on the sofa or bed, that's when I have to go (If you know what I mean) and this occurs at least four times per day. I get up the next day, and I am ready to go again.  I will say this Dr., that is some powerful stuff!! Thank you and I want to soon come in for the colon cleansing treatment.


Dear Demetria,
Thank you for your wonderful testimonial regarding the D.E.P. formula.  Our clients find that the D.E.P. is enough of a catalyst on its own to ward off cravings and increase the desire for whole (life-giving) foods.
Our ministry is to assist people in their health and healing.  We feel blessed to have a formula that we prayed for and received to benefit humanity.  I am looking forward to sharing the water cleansing treatment (colon hydrotherapy) with you.  If you think you feel good now, just get ready for the next level of wellness.
Have a Blessed Healthy and Prosperous Life,
Dr. Khephera
Hi  Dr. Khephera, I wanted to send you this e-mail because I have not had a chance to let you know how everything has been going for me.
As you know I have stop eating all meats and trying to completely withdraw from all products that contain animal origins, this is a task that I plan on achieving.  I have more good news, since I have lost over 12 pounds and have went from a size 13/14 to a 9/10 and I feel better than ever.  I seen my cardiologist yesterday about my high blood pressure and you know currently I have been taken 3 medication for blood pressure and 1 for high cholesterol.  As of yesterday he could not believe what he was seeing.  He asked what I was doing and I clearly said eating what my body needs and not what everyone thinks I should eat. 
He could not believe it and said I did not need to take 1 of my blood pressure pills and advised me to stop my cholesterol pill.  Now I only take 1 blood pressure medication and a water pill.  On my next visit he said he plans on taking me off my water pill and I should only have 1 blood pressure pill to take a day.
I never thought I would ever be able to stop the medications I have been taking for over 12 years.  I feel so wonderful and very excited that I chose to take charge of my life and health.  I would really like to Thank You for so much valuable information you given me.
It is true that everything that you put into your body plays a major part in your health conditions.  I wish I had taken this step 12 years ago and I probably would not be taken any medications at all.
This is something that everyone should think about and it is very simple.  I just went back to the basics and gave my body what it should have and not what everyone wants you to have.
I Thank You again for everything you have done and given me about healing myself.  I will continue to grow and become healthier than I have ever been.
Mrs. Monica Reaves
P.S.  As soon as I'm able to forward you a picture of before and after I will send to you.
Dear Dr. Ra,
My husband and I have been taking the D.E.P. formula for two weeks now.  We were both suffering from high blood pressure and fatigue. Since we stopped eating meat and dairy, along with drinking plenty of water and taking our D.E.P. twice a day, we have both lost over 10 pounds each, our blood pressure has decreased and our medical doctor says he notices a drop in our cholesterol levels. Thank you sooo much for your guidance and expertise!
Bill and Natalie Stewart
Dr. Ra,
I just wanted to let you know that when you told me about parasites living in the body, I had a lot of reservations. I did consider that I travel a lot and it might be a possibility that I picked up a worm here or there.  To my shock,  last week I passed a tapeworm that was well over 3 and a half feet long.  I did my research, and read the parasite book by Louse Gittleman that you suggested.  I would rather know than not so I can do something about it.   The D.E.P. is really helping with the parasites, I notice that my abdomen is flattening out  (that used to happen to our puppies when they needed worming!) 
The D.E.P. is great and I have been feeling better on a daily basis.
Tony Washington 
Dear Dr. K,
You are such a life force to whoever your presence touches.  I am truly in awe of your spirit.  You are about to blow up..... I feel so blessed to know you and feel so empowered by what you are up to and in total support of you and your teachings.  May GOD the spirit continue to lead you on a path that has and will continue to have a major impact on so many lives....  I cannot wait until the next Women Only Lifeshop 
You are T.W. 
Dear Dr. Jesal,
I'm writing you to let you know that I enjoyed the Life Shop on Saturday.  I was educated on many levels.  I praise God fror my Mother and the wisdom and knowledge she has shared with me throughout the years. Which has led me to desire and seek out my own path of Healing and Wholeness.  I want to let you know that your comforting peaceful and warm embrace as we each prepared to leave was very refreshing and needed.  I have since that day been in a wonderful place.  While my circumstances to me are not all bad they are definitely not what I desire and know they can be.  However, I feel calm and serene and desire to make many positive changes to improve my life as I have done before. 
However, I have needed some assistance with that, I feel our encounter was the beginning of something that I have needed but didn't know how to tap into to help me make the changes.  I feel a sense of Oneness within my Spirit to really get into the space I know GOD has called me to. 
I thank you for being who you are and taking a bold step to walk in your divinity! and to offer me the same invitation that I gladly accept.
Thank you for Being the DIVINE WOMAN GOD has created you to be.  I praise GOD for your ministry and pray that GOD will continue to OPEN doors of opportunity to you and for you to be a blessing to the multitudes that have an ear to hear!
Peace and Blessings


About the Natural Healing Institute…


The D.E.P. formula was created by Dr. Amen Ra of the Natural Healing Institute.  A third generation herbalist, Dr. Ra has also developed a portable irrigation station and is available for classes and instruction on the benefits of cleansing and detoxification.  To learn more about the 3 in 1 Formula e-mail Dr. Ra at