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Khephera Speaks!

Introductory Lifeshop
What Have You Been Weighting For????tm1992
This beginner session explores the causes of being overweight, improper nutrition and the dis-eases associated with excess weight and obesity issues.
Your body always obeys the instructions of your mind. Find out how the difficulties we experience are tied into what we think and what we say. 
These lifeshops are dedicated specifically for women with the intention of assisting them in accessing their personal power to release the unwanted.
All women can benefit from this lifeshop, even women who are not visibly overweight, can be burdened with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.
Come join us for a powerfully healing lifeshop that will enlighten you through wisdom, sisterhood and laughter, leaving you with inspiration and the tools to be absolutely successful.
Topics include:
Eating Without Feeling Guilty
The Power of Word-ship
Your Body Talks
Desire Healthy Foods & Eliminate Cravings
Discover the Real Cause Of Being Overweight
The Secret to Safe Permanent Weight Loss
This lifeshop is part two of the introductory session that takes it to a higher level of self awareness.
The advanced series explores how we can successfully Live-it instead of Die-it!
Topics include:
How to Change Destructive Behavior in 21 Days
Using Scripture for Divine Weight
Forgiveness of Self and Others
Change Attitude + Belief = Success
Your Body Talks Part 2
How to Empower Yourself Through Visualization
& Affirmative Prayer
Heal-thy Self
Start Loving Yourself Right Now



Starting in April 2009!
 HOSTED BY: Dr. Khephera Jesal 




The Lifeshops are designed to enlighten, motivate and inspire women concerning nutrition and healthy living.


(Read interview and more about Dr. Khephera below)




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Call for more details: 248.661.0102


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Introductory Lifeshop
$25 each person.

Advanced Lifeshop
$45 each person.




Interview with Dr. Khephera on:
A Lifeshop for Women Only
 by Diane Palmer 
Diane:  Dr. Khephera, you are presenting a women's only lifeshop entitled What Have you Been Weighting for???  Can you describe what this lifeshop is about and how long has it been in existence.
Dr. Khephera:  The Lifeshop was originally entitled WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WEIGHTING FOR - MIND OVER FATTER birthed in 1992.  It was inspired by the need for women to heal and gain knowledge about how thoughts impact their health and well-being. I have found that women are typically more constipated than men on a physical level, but it stems from the inability to release and let go mentally, and emotionally and as a result, it seriously inhibits the body's natural process. A body that is not at ease is in a state of dis-ease.
Diane:  What can the participants expect when they attend the Lifeshop.
Dr. Khephera:  All participants can expect to be in a space of security (what is said in the room stays in the room). The willingness to be renewed creates feelings of love, enlightenment, joy, and expectancy. Transformation replaces temporary changes. My healing ministry is effective because of the inspiration given to me and through me to facilitate this lifeshop. The room will be prayer-conditioned!
Diane:  Dr. Khephera, how long have you been in the business of wholistic therapy?
Dr. Khephera:  Over the last 18 years in this ministry my main focus has been health education and the benefits of  detoxification, colon cleansing and  body maintenance through spiritual massage therapy.  My quest over the last 35 years is to assist women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  The most common complaint of dieting and not losing weight has been on the top of the list. 
Diane:  Why don't diets work?
Dr. Khephera:  Look at the word it has "die" in it.  We have more diets on the market yet obesity has increased.  Die-its do not work for many reasons, the overwhelming failures will be addressed at the Lifeshop. This event is not just about losing physical weight, but mental stress and other "weighty" issues.  It will encompass relationships, finances, health, and family. The public awareness is approximately 30 years behind the times in regard to the advent of chemicalized and devitalized non-foods and their effects. Research has shown that certain diets promote fibroid tumors, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, colon and digestion problems, cancers, lupus, multiple sclerosis and a host of other common ailments. What is normal is not natural and what is  natural is not normal these days. The question we must ask ourselves is if we are up to taking the first step by seeking the knowledge, assess what is really important and be willing to invest in our health, it's all we have.
DIANE:  Why is your focus on women rather than men.
Dr. Khephera:  Everyone that is born has come through woman.  Until women are healed first our family members which include our men and children suffer. Our entire planet is literally affected by our well-being.  It has been forcasted by health officials that this is the first time that we as parents have a greater chance of outliving our children. Statistics have shown that when children have been diagnosed with obestiy and diabetes, it may cut their lifespan 17 to 27 years, this is a national health crisis.
DIANE:  What do you want the participants to get from this Lifeshop.
Dr. Khephera:  My intention is that they be renewed in their thinking, and realize the power of the body, mind, spirit connection.
(According to your beliefs be it done unto you).  I will be addressing body maintenance from the top of the head, to the soles of the feet and explain why women are usually more toxic.  As an example, during autopsies, five pounds of lipstick have been found in the intestines, and chemical relaxer residue on the brain.  It is not a coincidence that more women are in nursing homes than men.  The information is not designed to frighten or place unrealistic restrictictions, however, balance and maintenance is key for optimum health.  Our people perish for lack of knowledge.
Diane: With this new information, is their support after this lifeshop? 
Dr. Khephera:  Yes, I am offering upcoming events such as healthy food shopping trips. 
Introduction to  healthy restaurants  featuring ethnic cuisines that feature vegan/vegetarian menus. 
Sauna Night - experience your own private sauna and sweat out those toxins.
Fasting Guidelines - use our lifecoaching skills for urban, partial and specific fasts.       
- out of town registration available -
 All Previous Events Were Filled to Capacity 
No Sales Available at the Door

For more information please call:
The Natural Healing Institute at 248 661-0102

Who is Khephera Jesal?


Khephera Jesal has spent the past 35 years teaching and practicing (w)holistic health. The native Detroiter began her career by educating herself on the harmful effects of consuming meat, animal by-products, refined and processed foods.


   Having difficulty losing 55 pounds of excess weight was the catalyst for the process. While attempting to lose weight, she found that pounds seemed to melt off effortlessly without dieting when she avoided all meat and dairy products, junk food, and carbonated beverages.  Instead, she ate whole foods and plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. She opted for raisins, a variety of dried fruit and other healthy choices, while avoiding potato chips and french fries as snacks.
   She went from a size 18 to a size 8 without dieting. Eventually, she became vegan, and began teaching her weight loss and healthier living techniques to others.  During her process, she began looking more youthful than her biological age and gained renewed vitality. Now a grandmother of seven, she has spent years showing women how to look up to 10 years younger by following the program she developed.
    She coupled her weight loss regiment with a detoxification process using colonics, the D.E.P.  herbal cleansing formula, proper nutrition and has maintained her weight loss for over 20 years.
    Teaching and sharing her techniques, she attracted hundreds of clients from around the nation, which include celebrities, allopathic physicians and other complimentary and alternative health practitioners.
    In 1982, she became a licensed massage therapist and developed techniques that included prayer, and meditation for deep relaxation and stress reduction.  That year, she also became a certified massage therapist, specializing in Swedish, Shiatsu and In 1989 she studied and became a colon therapist and developing her own "inner baptism" technique for a more effective and thorough release during the 30- 45 minute sessions.
 In 1997, she received a doctorate in Divinity from Universal Life Church and continued in her studies of Naturapathic Medicine and  Metaphysical Science.  A certified hypnotherapist and graduate of Silva Studies catapulted her into furthering her career and she was featured on the cover of Midwifery Today magazine October 2004 for painless childbirth.  She received her doctorate in Natural Health Science from Ipet Isut Independent University, in 2006 where she is an active faculty staff member. 
  An author, Jesal also is a (w)holistic health consultant who coaches her clients in a variety of areas, including weight loss, detoxification, cooking, and ridding their kitchens of toxic food products and replacing them with whole foods.
The international speaker also spreads her messages through radio, newspaper and television interviews. She is available for bookings at home gatherings, seminars, conferences, women's groups and meetings.

Other Qualifications Include:  

Member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists
Recording artist of relaxation, weight loss, guided meditation, and exercises for lifestyle change CD's television productions.