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Beloved Global Family,

Wishing you and your loved ones the very best year coming up in 2014.
WATCH FOR:  Dr. Khephera's  upcoming book release entitled: "What Are You Weighting For? Mind Over Fatter".
TUNE INTO: "JUST ASK TALK SHOW" with Host Marsha Florence! Dr. K was cited as the most requested guest and her interviews have been broadcast since December 2010. Currently viewed in over 58 cities, Canada and on Comcast Cable, Brighthouse Cable, and WOW Cable. 
Listen In: "MINDSPA" a meditation CD listed as one of the top gifts to give and receive in B.L.A.C. Magazine, music produced by Dr. Amen-Ra featuring Khephera as meditation guide...
You wll also receive a bonus track of affirmations for healthy weight management and empowering lifestyle choices.

The article below was featured in Shop Talk Magazine for 2010, but is relevant every year. Write or call and let us know of your concerns, goals and feedback so that we can do our very best to assist you in making this year the very best ever. 

Your Health Is Your Wealth,
You Tube: dr khephera jesal


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